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Rescue dog to family member

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Get the guidance you need to help your new family member settle in your home and thrive in life.

Adopted a rescue and realised this relationship will be more complicated than you originally thought?

This is the programme for you if you want to help your rescue dog settle in your home without the overwhelm. 

Over 8 weeks I will coach you through every step to: 

Understand how big feelings hinder training

Understand ways to help your pup calm down

Learn training methods based on science 

Recognise patterns and use them to your advantage

Gain clarity you are doing the best for your rescue dog

What you get access to

8 weeks of live video calls class and Q&A

Community of people facing the same issues

PDFs of workbooks, notes, and checklists

Exercises and games

Feedback to submitted videos of exercises



After the course you will be able to: 

Identify your dog’s emotional state

Read your dog’s body language

Address behaviours that are problematic

Implement a training plan

Care for your dog in a species appropriate way

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