My story

Rescuing Oreo seven years ago has been life changing in a beautiful way. He was a 4 months old puppy, full of ticks and fleas, with a tummy so bloated he could hardly walk, and he had been locked up in a stable during the most critical stage of his life.


So far he has been my biggest challenge and invaluable mentor. I am sure I would not have been on this path had it not been for his difficult puppyhood that resulted in his anxious demeanour.

When he developed a severe fear of other dogs I set up D&B Doggy Daycare so that he had a safe environment to run free and socialise with his favourite friends. 



Art conservation, BA, Technical Educational Institute of Athens, Greece, 2006-2010

History of Design, MA, Royal College of Art/Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK, 2014-2016



Professional Daycare and Boarding, Level 3, OFQUAL, 20/10/2019

Principles of Dog training and Behaviour, Level 3, IMDT, 7/7/2019

         Career as a dog trainer, 28-29/4/2018

         Practical Instructor, 28-31/5/2018

First Aid Certificate, 20/12/2016



The consultation and follow up report, IMDT 2-3/6/2018

The perfect puppy foundations, IMDT, 9/6/2018



Member of IMDT since 5/10/2018

PPN (Pet professional network)

PIF (Pet Industry Federation)