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  • Danai Synadinou


There is risk in everything we do in life.

Swimming? You may drown. Walking down the street? A car may run you over. Eating fish? A bone may get stuck in your throat and kill you. (True story, someone I knew has actually died this way…)

Yet we still leave our house and mingle with the world because the benefits outweighs the risks. Do we accept the risks at face value? No! We take precautions against the dangers we consider the most probable and undesirable risks.

Many don’t think much about this but we do the same everyday when it comes to making decisions for our dogs: ranging from deciding on their diet, their environment, their training, their care, and their wellbeing.

When it comes to Oreo for example the choices I make having made a risk benefit analysis:

  • He is fed raw bones every week because it is the best way to keep his teeth clean and I am happy to accept the risks coming with bones consumption and make informed choices to minimise these risks.

  • He is let off leash in certain scenarios I deem isolated enough (from wildlife, people and from other dogs) and we have worked hard on our bond and recall so I feel good doing so. More often than not he is on a long line for safety.

  • He is fed a raw diet and I’m happy to invest time on this task in my day to day, because I believe the benefits overweight the hassle.

  • He rides in my car fastened with a seatbelt.

  • I have always let him jump on and off stuff, knowing well he might be putting strain on his joints, because he enjoys it way too much and life is short.

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