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  • Danai Synadinou


This is my very first blog post!

It feels exciting and a little scary. Here I go, sharing my thoughts, ideas and knowledge with the world.

My name is Danai and I live in London with my dog, Oreo. As Oreo has always been dealing with anxiety and phobias, I have been educating myself in finding ways to help him cope with our urban lifestyle. Armed with patience, love and understanding, Oreo has come a long way, and I could not be more proud of him.

A few years ago I set up a doggy daycare (named D&B Doggy daycare) and dedicated my time, energy (and whole life really) into helping more dogs and their owners. I created a safe environment for dogs to zoom around, socialise, play, learn how to be dogs and how to live with humans.

Though this journey I have come to care for and to love numerous dogs, to learn about their quirks and personalities. To come up with different ways to motivate and educate them, and more importantly, I have developed strong bonds not only with these dogs but with their wonderful owners as well.

I have accepted every challenge as an opportunity to learn and to grow, and naturally, I became a qualified pet dog trainer and a member of IMDT in 2018.

The dog made me do it is something I have been working on for a while now.

I wish this to become the foundation of a community of like-minded dog owners. To offer support to anyone struggling. To shed some more light into this world.

As COVID 19 has driven us into lockdown and is changing our lifestyle in unchartered ways, spreading some love and shedding some light could not feel more relevant.

Bernese mountain dog
Ziko. The most gentle giant bear dog.

I hope Ziko made you smile.


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