Puppy raising support

Puppies need guidance and support in order to manage fitting into our lifestyle and human way of living. 

Do you need help in choosing the right puppy for your household?

Are you considering adopting a rescue dog and would like to know what to expect?

Have you got a puppy and would need someone to guide you set the foundations right when embarking on this amazing journey?


dog support

As puppies grow there is a lot of change is taking place in their bodies. Physical growth, increase in strength, power and stamina. Hormones are raging, and their brains are more capable to focus. At the same time, life happens and changes are affecting their understanding of their environment and place within in, they wish to be more independent but they still don't have the skills to be. 

Sometimes it can feel like all the training we have put so much energy into has gone out the window!

I am offering a longterm coaching program to better support you during these challenges.

Would you like having someone by your side to ensure any issue does not become a problem?